Metroidvania roguelike mix Dead Cells is still on a sizeable wave of success more than two years after its launch. This is shown not least by the latest figures published by the responsible development studio Motion Twin. Accordingly, the game has now sold more than 3.5 million times worldwide – across all platforms. However, it is not yet known which version has the edge.

Motion Twin came up with something to celebrate this small milestone. The team announced another DLC for Dead Cells with "Fatal Falls" (buy now € 21.61 ) , which is currently planned to appear early next year. There is no specific date so far, but at least the developers have revealed the first details about the content. With "Fractured Shrines" and "The Undying Shores", two new biomes await you to explore. In addition, more new content is planned, which the team will probably not talk about until the next few weeks. In terms of price, the DLC should be about the same as the earlier download expansion "The Bad Seed" – around five euros.

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You can find first screenshots and a teaser trailer for the Fatal Falls DLC below this message. Motion Twin has also announced that it is already working on another project that probably has nothing to do with Dead Cells. However, there are no tangible details about this so far.

Source: Motion twin

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