If the horror shocker Dead Space 2008 was too hard for you or if you simply didn’t hit your opponents while playing the campaign because of all the knee bangs, you should be happy about this news: The newly announced remake of the first part namely, should become more accessible and offer some options in terms of accessibility.

Dead Space: Remake officially announced

Creative Director promises more options, but remains vague

The creative director of the game, Roman Campos-Oriola, revealed that in one Interview with IGN. There he said that the new possibilities with regard to various options are particularly important to them: “Something that we really care about that didn’t exist 12 years ago … are all of these options and different ways to play the game when you need to. All of these accessibility elements are definitely important steps to take the dead space (buy now 19,72 €) To make Remake available to as wide an audience as possible who didn’t have the opportunity then or could play the game when it was released. “

What exactly Campos-Oriola means by this and which barrier-free options we can expect remained open. A wide range of options to make the Dead Space Remake as accessible as possible are, in any case, a good thing. Maybe the EA Motive team is planning an invulnerable feature, how the developer studio Double Fine also wants to establish it in Psychonauts 2?

We also know that about the Dead Space Remake

There is no release date or period yet, but at least we already know that the Dead Space Remake will be released for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S and will therefore leave out the older generation of consoles. Thanks to the Frostbite Engine, the new edition should be particularly impressive in terms of graphics and sound.

In addition, players are allowed to new content that for various reasons did not find its way into the original. Even fans of the original get their money’s worth and can experience new aspects of Isaac Clarke’s horror trip. The developers also promised that the game will not involve any microtransactions. Since EA is behind the game, it’s definitely a good thing and unfortunately not a given.

Those: IGN

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