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Deadpool, Fantastic Four and the X-Men: They were all before being bought out by Disney Fox licenses. As part of the Disney family, many brands ask what happens to them. Especially with the brutal and vulgar deadpool – but part 3 is apparently in the works.

About a year ago, at the beginning of 2019, 20th Century Fox was bought by Disney – this way, some comic licenses also came into the possession of the mouse. In addition to the mutants of the X-Men and the superheroes of the Fantastic Four, this also applies to the mercenary with the loose mouth: Deadpool (buy now for € 7.99), Ryan Reynolds has now confirmed that the third film of the antihero is under development.

"We are currently working on it with the whole team."he said literally on the talk show Live With Kelly & Ryan, He means by that "whole team" probably himself and the two writers from Deadpool 1 & 2, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. Reynolds is aware that a change has taken place:

"We are now over to Marvel, which suddenly represents the top division. It's kind of crazy."

Reynolds did not get any further information, but the question now naturally arises: Deadpool now belongs to Disney. The MCU is owned by Disney. Will the insolent superhero now become part of the big picture? There are many options in a post-endgame era. Deadpool could just as easily remain an outsider, traveling in his own spheres and distributing small side stitches in his usual way.

Does this make Deadpool less vulgar and brutal?

If you now fear that the well-known rough humor and the high level of violence will be lost through the Disney label, you can put away the pitchforks and torches. Disney CEO Bob Iger himself has made it clear: "We have room for Fox content to exist without Disney's significant influence over the nature of that content … The 'R-Rated' Deadpool films enjoy enough popularity among Marvel fans … We will continue in this area . "

So in plain text: Because of Disney as an umbrella brand, Deadpool does not automatically become a tame scout.

Source: EMPIRE. Live with Kelly and Ryan

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