Even almost a year after its release, the PS5 is still in short supply. However, this is not only due to the shortage of chips, but above all to scalpers who buy up the next-gen console en masse in order to then resell it at an even higher price. A Japanese trader has now come up with a trick to deter scalpers.

PlayStation 5

Signed PS5 box: Dealer writes scalper names on the packaging

A look at the digital storage shelves of Amazon, MediaMarkt and Co. continues to frustrate many PlayStation gamers. Even after a number of months, you can not get the PS5 regularly in stores without any problems. And if the next-gen console is available, the entire contingent is often bought up by scalpers within a very short time – that’s annoying!

This also seems to go against the grain for the Japanese retailer Nojima Denki. And that’s exactly why the platform has come up with a little trick to prevent scalpers from buying in the future. The shop has decided to use the original packaging of the consoles sold write down the buyer’s full name with felt-tip pens and ballpoint pens. In addition, the box in which the new DualSense controller is located is also removed by the seller before shipping (source: Twitter).

And what else happened in the gaming and tech world last week? We’ll tell you in the GIGA headlines:

How is the trick supposed to protect against scalpers?

The retailer assumes that buyers on platforms such as eBay and Co. do not respond to the offer of the scalperswhen they see that the PS5 box is signed accordingly. And the scalpers are certainly not very interested in their full name ending up on numerous packaging.

Normal customers who only want to buy a PS5 for themselves shouldn’t be bothered by this fact. After all, after unpacking most of the people, the box ends up in the basement or in the storage room.

Whether Nojima Denki’s strategy will work and will be crowned with success cannot currently be assessed. However, it is good to know that some retailers can also come up with tricks so that the coveted next-gen console also ends up with real gamers.