After the announcement of the PlayStation 5, many fans complained about the design of the console. The brilliant white was denounced, many wanted a black PS5. While Sony has so far no plans to fulfill this wish, it looks a little different with a third party.

PlayStation 5

Black PlayStation 5: Dealer sells new console with a dark retro look

If you are thinking of getting a PS5, you have to be patient. Even some pre-orderers did not receive their console shortly after the turn of the year – new orders cannot yet be placed either.

In the end, very few gamers seem to be bothered by the console's getting used to. If you still want to own a black PS5, you have to switch to alternatives such as foils or replaceable faceplates. But Sony is reluctant to see that too and threatens to take legal action.

It is all the more astonishing that the American manufacturer SUP3R5 anyway soon to offer a black PS5 for sale. The special feature: the console shines in a chic retro look and reminds of the now more than 20 year old PlayStation 2. The dealer also redesigned the controller to match the console.

Image: SUP3R5

Speaking of which! We also have a few things that would go well with your new PS5:

PS5 in retro look: Black console version struggles with a problem

In order to be able to give the retro controller its new coat of paint, it must be completely dismantled. However, this will void the guarantee – in other words: If you should have problems with the input device afterwards, it is very likely that Sony will not help you and instead you have to contact the dealer directly and hope for goodwill.

With the console, however, it looks a little different. This does not have to be completely dismantled for the conversion, so that the warranty claim is retained even after the conversion.

With a few tips and tricks, the PS5 will get even better:

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Another thing that should not be left unmentioned: At the RRP, you will not get the PS5 in this design. The digital version is available for $ 649, there is no price quotation for the PS5 variant with disc drive. Only 304 consoles should come off the production line at the end, so the special version is very limited. Pre-orders will be accepted from January 8th 2021, the consoles will then be delivered in late spring 2021.