Dealers make the console outrageously expensive – for good reason

Some Xbox Series X pre-orderers have had a real shock. The purchase price of their console increased from one day to the next by a whopping 2,200 euros. Exaggerated usury? No, just a brilliant strategy that everyone will benefit from in the end.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X suddenly 2,200 euros more expensive – pre-orderers are perplexed

Neither the PlayStation 5 nor the Xbox Series X can be pre-ordered. Both consoles are completely sold out – and this fact is likely to change only with the official launch next month. But the demand for the consoles is still huge. So it's no wonder that some buyers are already selling their consoles on eBay at exorbitant prices.

Only those pre-orderers who have already been able to secure a console can now sit back and relax and look forward to the fact that they could still get a copy at the normal price. Or maybe not! Because some customers of the online retailer Curry recently made an unbelievable discovery: The provider had the price of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X without further ado increased by a staggering 2,000 pounds (around 2,200 euros). Does the dealer want to rip off inattentive players?

Not at all! Shortly after the monumental price increase, all pre-orderers received an email from Curry in which they found an individual discount code. By entering it The purchase price of the consoles is reduced by £ 2,005so that customers end up at the “normal” price again.

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Absurd pre-order promotion for Xbox Series X: what's behind it?

A pure marketing gimmick by the provider? Hardly likely. Because like the dealer announced on its website, there is a system behind the scam that ultimately benefits all players. Only buyers who redeem their discount code by October 18, 2020 will receive the console – all other orders will be canceled. In this way, Curry seems to want to prevent a large part of its contingent of consoles from being bought up by bots, which then sell the consoles at a higher price on other sites such as eBay.

With this clever move, the retailer ensures that the consoles ordered really end up with game fans – in the end a great promotion for everyone. Other traders could take an example here.

Robert Kohlick
Robert Kohlick, GIGA expert for gaming hardware, PCs and laptops.

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