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Death Stranding – All tips at a glance: We provide you with the locations of the most important preppers and their rewards and offer you a guide to expanding the entire road network in the Hideo Kojima adventure. In addition, we reveal the locations of all 56 memory chips hidden in the game and explain how you increase Sam's relationship with BB – the Bridge Baby – to a 5-star rating.

All guides and tips about Death Stranding at a glance: The adventure of developer legend Hideo Kojima offers a lot of secrets. We offer you an overview of all tips & tricks for the virtual end of the world. As soon as you have reached the central main region of the PS4 game, you will also expand the road network after a few main missions. So you connect Lake Knot City with South Knot City and Mountain Knot City. On some time-critical missions, roads that have been expanded help you through the rough terrain. GDs and mules are also not annoying you in this way.

In Death Stranding you gradually connect more preppers and nodes to the "New America" ​​network. Hidden bunkers and their residents sometimes offer you really useful rewards. At the collector, for example, you will receive a tarpaulin for cargo on your backpack. You make them like blood grenades or TCKs. The tarpaulin prevents the containers from being damaged on your back. In one of our guides you will receive tips on the locations of all preppers and their rewards. So you shouldn't miss a bunker in the game.

Some of the residents of the United States after the stranded death are modeled on famous people and friends of Hideo Kojima. In our overview of everything cameo you can find out where you can meet Conan O'Brien or Game Award host Geoff Keighley. We also have tips on how to improve the relationship between BB and Sam as well as the locations of all 56 memory chips or the mysterious pizza delivery. Just follow the links in the article box below to the guides in Death Stranding (buy now for € 44.99),

Death stranding – all guides & tips at a glance Death Stranding - The most important preppers and nodes with rewards - Tips on items, backpack upgrades and more.PCPS4

Death stranding: Important Prepper & Reward Tips

Find the most important preppers and rewards in Death Stranding: We offer you tips on the most important items, backpack upgrades and improvements. Death Stranding - Building Roads & amp; Farm material - tips for road constructionPCPS4

Death stranding: Remove all roads – tips on farming material

Building streets & farming material in Death Stranding: This is how you quickly build a functioning street network with metals, ceramics and chiral crystals. All cameos in Death Stranding - you can also find a celebrity in the weather station.PCPS4

Death stranding: Geoff Keighley, Conan O'Brien & more – all cameos

Find Geoff Keighley, Conan O'Brien and more in Death Stranding: We reveal the locations of the cameos in the adventure of developer icon Hideo Kojima. Death Stranding - 5-star connection to the BBPCPS4

Death stranding: Get a 5-star connection with the BB – tip

Bring the connection to BB to 5-stars in Death Stranding: With these tips you maximize the relationship between Sam Porter Bridges and the Bridge Baby. Death Stranding - Find all 56 memory chips - tips in the video guidePCPS4

Death stranding: Find all 56 memory chips – tips in the video

Find all 56 memory chips in Death Stranding: We will show you a video guide that offers you tips on all locations of the memory chips. Death Stranding - Complete all pizza deliveries and collect rewardsPCPS4

Death stranding: Mysterious pizza delivery – that's the reward

Complete the pizza delivery for Peter Englert in Death Stranding and get a reward. This item is waiting for successful pizza deliverers.

Death Stranding: Trailer introduces limited PlayStation 4 bundle

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