Death Stranding DLC ​​Announced? Mysterious tweet drives fans crazy

Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima has just released the most mysterious DLC announcement in video game history on Twitter. What remains is confusion and – as always – a lot of room for interpretation. What the hell?

Nobody knows exactly what Death Stranding genius Hideo Kojima actually meant: The notorious developer has one on Twitter Teaser with scenes from Death Stranding published in the style of oscar-winning Anti-war film 1917 was opened. And all under the heading: "Coming 2020". Take a look and guess:

Rather, Mr. Kojima: What exactly is 2020? A 1917 Death Stranding DLC? Or the PC version that we already know will crawl onto the market in 2020? Kojima is, among other things, an avowed film lover who sometimes writes more about films than about games on Twitter. He is also known for having friends all over the film industry and having well-known directors and actors appear in his games. Wink: Nicolas Winding Refn, who embodies in Death Stranding Heartman.

Collaboration with the crew around 1917 would therefore not be completely out of thin air. Especially since Refn and Kojima with an Instagram post at the end of 2019 Rumor of a Heartman DLC fired:

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They are also divided Fans who discuss it under the tweetwhether a DLC is meant, Kojima only wants to refer to the PC release or the whole thing should just be a meme. Who knows? Maybe it's all together! In any case, it is clear that the teaser alludes to 1917, everything else … well, everything else is probably in the stars. At least Kojima did it again: We discuss and wonder what the hell all of this is supposed to mean.