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In Death Stranding find all 56 memory chips: We show you a video guide that offers you tips on all locations of memory chips. Attention: Some of the chip locations will only be unlocked when you level the nearby locations and nodes to 5-stars and read special e-mails.

Find all 56 memory chips in Death Stranding: In a video guide you will find tips on all locations of the memory chips in the new Hideo Kojima adventure. With each chip you unlock characters, comics and more that are reminiscent of the past. If you have found all the collectibles, you also unlock a PS4 trophy. Youtuber PowerPyx recommends first to play through the main story and only then to calmly go in search of all the chips. In the data menu, you call up every content of the memory chips.

First you have to deliver the chips found at any terminal and have them checked. You can not miss any of the memory chips in Death Stranding (buy now for 59,99 €), After you have the story of the game through, you use the free game to do the rest. Level up all facilities to 5-star and read the unlocked emails. These are usually released after you have stayed in a facility. In the video guide below these lines you will find a feasible sequence for the memory chips.

On top of that, we also recommend our Death Stranding tips for a 5-star relationship with your BB. In it you will get tips on how to strengthen the bond with the Bridge Baby. This makes the BB more stress-resistant in battles against the GDs. If you have not yet decided to buy the new Hideo Kojima adventure, our test on Death Stranding, with all its strengths and weaknesses, may help.

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