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A new update for the action adventure Death Stranding from Kojima Productions is now available for download. Not only does it improve the overall stability of the game, but it also makes changes to how vehicles are handled. The full patch notes are in the message.

The development studio Kojima Productions has released another update for the action adventure Death Stranding. You can download it the next time you start the game and take a closer look at the new features – there are some of them. The developers not only improved the game's general stability, but also worked on the handling of the vehicles. It had caused problems for some players in the recent past. It is now possible to assign different buttons to get in and out.

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They also optimized the frame rate in conjunction with Steam Input. In addition, the individual assignment of buttons should no longer return to the standard setting immediately after a restart. Many players had complained about this several times. This nerve factor should now be a thing of the past. Here are all changes in the overview:

Patch Notes for Death Stranding

  • Key assignments for Use / Dismount Vehicle can now be set separately to "Perform Action" and "In Vehicle". You can now set different keys for getting on and off a vehicle.
  • When restarting the game after changing key assignments, some key assignments were reverted. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Other stability improvements and general bug fixes are included.
  • Fixed an issue where frame rate dropped when using Steam Input.

Source: Kojima Productions

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