Death Stranding player urinates his name in the snow for 15 hours

He did it again. Do you remember the YouTuber who once tried to throw a basketball into the net in Spider-Man? The ball kicked hour after hour to at least somehow slide it to its destination? Well, he's back – and this time it's about urine and snow in Death Stranding. So great topics.


Today, dear readers, let's deal with a critical question regarding a video game again: Is it possible in Death Stranding to pee your own name legibly in the snow? The most amusing YouTube Reetae27 has dedicated itself to the honorable task of answering precisely this question – and as is usually the case in life: it sounds easier in theory than in practice.

Let's start with the basics: Yes, you can urinate in Death Stranding, and yes, not only do your footprints remain in the snow, but also indentations in those places where you relieve yourself. Quite simply, it seems – put down and pee names! But as Reetae27 immediately notes, it’s not that easy, eh. First of all, you can't urinate forever, but only as much as you drank. And at most 1000 ml, which seems a bit unrealistic to me, but at least here creates the best conditions: If the tank is full, you can paint a short name with it. To put it euphemistically.

But not – and we are already reaching the next stumbling block – if you are standing next to it in the snow. Somehow, with the short distance, it works more badly than it should, and then it looks more like abstract art than an actual name. Height is needed! So Reetae27 is building a large bridge so that it can aim downwards from the edge, but the problem is that our embarrassed protagonist Sam Bridges does not dare to bare a hologram on the bridge. He is an extremely courteous courier in the post apocalypse.

Once the hologram has been issued, it can finally – finally – get started. And you may be surprised, but Watching Reetae27 urinate in the snow for 15 hours – or 12 minutes in the video – is just wonderful:

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What have we learned from this? Don't pee in front of holograms, because that's not the right thing to do.

Original philosophical news from February 16, 1:01 p.m.

Spider-Man gambler tries the impossible – and realizes the meaning of video games

Once upon a time there was a player on the YouTube platform (you may know) Reetae27 is called. He likes to judge films, as his channel reveals. Every now and then he also plays a video game. He tried Marvel’s Spider-Man once, and you know what he tried there? Very easily, he wanted to throw the ball into the net. A basketball, to be precise – that basketball that NPCs punch in the game over and over and over again.

In fact, every NPC in Marvel’s Spider-Man hits 100% every network. By the way, so that you can imagine the pressure under which Reetae27 starts its first attempt: Throwing the ball into the net with Spider-Man, is that possible? Perhaps developer Insomniac Games hadn't really planned a Spider-Man playing basketball, but who knew?

Insomniac Games were and are famous for their Easter Eggs. And the basketballs in the game – so Reetae27 found – behave completely differently than any other item: They roll when you hit them with Spider-Man; and they make a strange sound like someone is constantly dribbling the ball. So the inevitable question arose again …

Is it possible to shoot a ball into the net in Spider-Man?

Luckily for us, Reetae27 has recorded a video that will help him more and more philosophical journey through Marvel’s Spider-Man accompanied. Take a look inside because it likes it Best thing you'll see this week:

(embed) (/ embed)

spoiler: It's almost possible to throw the ball into the net in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Which means at the same time: it is impossible. But hey, it's just a game, isn't it? She also likes Ask about the ball and the net not the real content of this video – or this message. Because while YouTuber Reetae27 shoots ball after ball past the net, one reveals itself to him much more important lesson.

What is the purpose of video games?

Well, it's not possible to shoot the ball into the net. Reetae27's video is only 14 minutes long, but in reality he has to spend several hours in it bizarre self-experiment have stuck. And as you may have seen, at the end of the video he wonders why he did it all.

After all, this is all about a ball and a net in Marvel’s Spider-Man – a game that, without question, is not designed to put balls in nets. Unless, of course, you are an NPC.

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So why? Quite simply, Reetae27 continues:

"Why not? Sometimes it's just fun to test the limitations of a video game. Sometimes it's just fun to do nonsense and not follow the game or do what you should be doing. And in Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4, there are a number of ways to do just that. Which is why hey – it's only possible to throw things around there. "

He's right.

You shouldn't feel useless the next time you try to skit up the highest peak with your horse in Skyrim. Because in the end it is Essence of games not to achieve the programmed goal of your quest – but playing around. And testing things out. Which is actually the reason why we play at all.