Publisher Bethesda and the Arkane team announced today that the release of Deathloop had to be postponed one more time. The new date is September 14, 2021. Deathloop was originally supposed to appear in stores for PS5 and PC at the end of 2020, before the title was then moved to May 2021. In a short statement, the makers commented on the reasons for the further delay of the shooter.

According to this, the health of the employees is paramount at Arkane. In order for the game to reach the desired quality of the team, fans have to wait a few more months for Deathloop. The developers promise, however, that we will soon see brand new material from the game. Although Deathloop is a Bethesda game, the title will initially be released exclusively for PS5 and PC. The deal was engineered before the takeover of Microsoft. This is also the case with GhostWire: Tokyo. Both titles will not appear until the Xbox and Game Pass exclusivity ends. With Deathloop, this will happen in September 2022 – exactly one year after the current release for PS5 and PC.

Deathloop: First gameplay of the time loop first person shooter

Last year the makers presented numerous highlights of Deathloop. Among other things, the DualSense controller of the PS5 is used in a special way. You can find more information and videos about the game on our topic page.

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