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Arcane's upcoming shooter Deathloop is specially developed for the PS5 and aims to show how the DualSense controller affects the gameplay. You have to get used to playing a lot.

Sony Playstation 5 doesn't just want to impress with better graphics and faster loading times. The DualSense controller is an integral part of the gaming experience. The developers of the shooter reveal how the controller can affect the gameplay of a game Deathloop.

The controller is essential for the gaming experience

What if a gun is stuck in a shooter and can't be fired? In regular games you might hear a click when you press the trigger on the controller and get a message that the weapon is stuck. It will be different with Deathloop. The game locks the triggers as soon as the gun jams. You can then no longer press it, as you would if you were to trigger the gun.

Dinga Bakaba, Game Director of Deathloop, explains: "I'm really excited about the adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback. These are both functions that bring a certain physicality to the gaming experience and give important feedback. Because Deathloop is a first-person shooter we do a lot of things to make each gun feel different. I like blocking the triggers when the gun is stuck to give the player instant feedback even before the animation plays. It actually challenges the player to release his weapon. "

This example shows how important the DualSense controller becomes to the overall gaming experience on the PS5. Many people may not even have the functions of the DualSense on their radar and think that it will just be a better DualShock4 controller. But there could be much more to the concept.

Source: Playstation blog

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