Debuffs cause time pressure in Torghast

from Philipp Sattler
With the current build of the Alpha from WoW Shadowlands, the developers have also made some adjustments to Torghast, the Tower of the Damned. There is a certain time pressure in this endless dungeon, which should prevent the long wait for cooldowns.

The endless dungeon Torghast, one of the main features of the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands, should not feel like a modified form of the Mythical Plus dungeons and therefore has not been given a direct time limit or the like by the developers. The players should have enough time to fight their way through the different levels in a controlled manner. The difficulty should rather be in the fighting and not in optimizing the speed. But this already ensured in the alpha that many players pass a lot of time between the opponent groups so that all relevant cooldowns are ready again. This makes it easier to get ahead, but it costs a lot of time and a short visit could quickly take many hours if you want to climb many steps. For this reason, the developers have now installed a kind of soft entry.

From the 10th floor onwards, at least in the Twisted Corridors variant (the randomly generated tower), you will have to deal with one of several debuffs. These get stronger over time and make it difficult if you take too much time. But the developers don't want you to feel rushed about it, which is why the debuffs are stacking very slowly. If you play at normal speed, you shouldn't have any problems. There is also a quiet zone at the beginning of each floor. There you can switch talents and also take your break. Because the debuff only begins to stack when you leave this area for the first time.

The debuff you get depends on the zone in which your random Torghast dungeon plays. In theory, he can switch after killing the boss. Here are all known debuffs:

The higher you work, the stronger these effects become.

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