Be careful if you currently want to buy the PS5 from an online shop that looks like Sony is officially operating it. There are fraudsters behind the shop.

Fake shop looks deceptively real

A new online shop appeared over Easter and can be reached at “”. But who believes. Sony would have started direct sales of the PS5, which is wrong. As “real” as the shop looks, it’s not. The website not only sells the console, which is said to be in stock, you can also order gamepads and VR systems. The imprint even shows Sony’s real company address in London. did the test and ordered by credit card. In the order confirmation, a telephone number from Russia was suddenly mentioned and the Telegram contact displayed led nowhere. The page redirected to a Google cloud server in California and the domain “”. Since no further confirmations for the payment were received, filed a complaint in the meantime.

So be very careful if you have a Playstation 5 (buy now ) want to buy. Scammers are very clever here and go to the lengths to make websites look as real as possible. Look only at trusted and well-known retailers for a PS5 or wait until Sony officially starts direct sales. This will then surely be accompanied by an official press release. When this will happen is not yet known.

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