Dehaka, Kael'thas, Murky in the shop

from Norbert Rätz
In the week starting November 20, 2019, the shop for Blizzard's online team fighting game Heroes of the Storm will once again feature a host of attractive special offers that will make fans' hearts beat faster. This time, the front-breaker Dehaka, the ranged assassin Kael'thas and the melee assassin Murky are part of the party. There are also cool austerity packages and items on the subject of scarlet robbery. Here is the overview of all articles.

For the fans of the online team fighting game Heroes of the Storm (buy now for 32,01 €) begins the new week on Wednesday, because then there are in the context of Sales of the week again discounts on some selected game items. These special rates are valid for seven days and start / end every Tuesday evening. After the bids expire, the price of the items changes back to the previous value.

All heroes are available for purchase (for real money) gems or gold unlockable. All other shop items are purchasable for jewels or spiltters, whereby splinters can either be contained in booty chests or are for sale for gold. Booties are Not to get more for real money in the shop, but only for gold, i. if you play heroes.

Also this week you can leave a lot of money in the shop, because the range of articles is again extremely attractive and contains a whole series of coveted pieces. The following offers are from the 20th to the 26th of November 2019 available. You can find the discounted items at the top of the game menu below Recommended heroes / skins / mounts under the respective main menus heroes / skins / mounts.

Recommended heroes

  • Dehaka – Offer price: 375 jewels
  • Kael'thas – Offer price: 312 jewels
  • murky – Offer price: 312 jewels

Other news

New austerity packages

  • Savings Package: Scarlet Raid
  • Savings package: Baby Face Orphea
  • Savings package: Junk Apone
  • Savings package: Cannon cart Hammer
  • Savings package: Primadonna Weißsträhne
  • Savings package: escape motorcycle
  • Savings package: Geldwaschbär (Mount)
  • Savings package: sinking of Königszier

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