The first thing that won me over to the Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden demo was when I stopped wanting to walk normally. You know? What if you've been sneaking for so long that you stand up in sheer paranoia to see if you're really still sneaking? That was my maiden experience.

Resident Evil Village

"Is Resident Evil Village going to be as bad as Resident Evil 7?", I asked myself during the first trailers, and then again when the demo" Maiden "was downloaded to my PS5. Strangely enough, I didn't expect it. That Capcom can throw such a horrific game out on the market again; that it (me and others) Not disappointed.

But 2021 starts with hope. For me and the horror community, because Maiden is everything I wanted – it's awful, nasty, deadly and beautiful. Thank you very much, Capcom.

I even switched to standing for photos (reluctant)

It's a disgusting, dripping, filthy and possibly foul-smelling prison basement that you are waking up in. A hole in a piece of wood probably served you as a toilet, the walls look lousy. It cracks and creaks; are these steps? I cringe violently when I stumble against my cell door and it rattles loudly. THANK YOU, game! From this moment on I switched to sneak mode and only got up to take photos or to check, that I really still sneak!

Resident Evil 8 Village - The Maiden demo is nice. So beautiful.
Resident Evil 8 Village – The Maiden demo is nice. So beautiful.

I want your experience in the Maiden demo don't spoilSo just say this: You wake up in a prison cellar from which you are supposed to escape. Your path will let you stumble over (quite simple) puzzles while escaping and then lead you into that beautifully evil villa, which should also play a major role in the game. Also: you are not alone. As expected.

Maiden plays like a piece of the Redient Evil 7 cake, enriched with sumptuous luxury, breathlessly beautiful graphics and disgusting disgustthat we learned to love in the previous part. The tension sits on your shoulder right from the start, makes you aware of steps and any noises and sometimes lets you sit in dark corners for several minutes for no reason. Just because you think, that something bad is coming. Not that it won't come. But who knows when exactly?

I also noticed a few new psychological tricksthat are used for merciless scare. Things that change when you sneak past them again. Things that don't change should. If Resident Evil 8 Village is on par with the demo, I think we can congratulate Capcom.

Resident Evil 8 Village: Maiden invites you to eat. Are you already hungry?
Resident Evil 8 Village: Maiden invites you to eat. Are you already hungry?

And no, Maiden not only splashes you with a bloody atmosphere – it also does what it promises when you meet exactly those opponents that have already been announced. Even though it is not possible to fight in the demo (in contrast to the full game), those tricky-nasty boss fights are still hinted at here, which already taught us fear in the seventh part.

In a nutshell: Everything done right, Maiden. Now the full game just has to be just as convincing, but my hope in it has grown exponentially after sneaking through the demo in less than an hour. Without breathing, of course. So no one can hear me while I'm hiding.

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So far it is one hour Maiden demo for Resident Evil 8 Village only released on PS5 – free of charge, of course. All other platforms should follow in spring, including the PS4. Resident Evil 8 Village will be released on May 7, 2021 for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.