Demon's Souls: find ceramic coins and open secret door – tips on localities – game updates

In Demon's Souls Remaster for PS5, find the ceramic coins to open the secret door in the Palace of Boletaria. We offer you tips on the locations of the Ceramic Coins and explain the requirements for finding the new items. First you have to use the mirror mode Shattered world (Fractured), then you experiment with the world tendencies in the individual levels. Warning: These ceramic coins did not exist in the PlayStation 3 original from Demon's Souls. Developer Bluepoint Games added the coins especially for the remake.

Before you go hunting for the ceramic coins in Demon's Souls for PlayStation 5, you get 25,000 souls. At the statue in the Nexus in the middle below you activate the Fractured Mode (Shattered World). You enjoy Demon's Souls (buy now € 75.54 ) then mirrored. You will only receive the Ceramic Coins in the mirrored world. So far, players have found a total of eleven of these coins, but only in the world trends Pure White (Pure White World Tendency) or Pure Black (Pure Black World Tendency). We list the previously known locations as follows. At the moment it seems very likely that more coins will appear. You should destroy all boxes and inventory for this.

Ceramic Coins – Pure White World Tendency (Weltentendenz Pur Weiß)

The following Ceramic Coins you can dust off in Demon's Souls for PS5 exclusively with pure, white world tendency.

1-1 – Palace of Boletaria, first section: After saving Ostrava, two soldiers break through a door in a room. Destroy the furniture in this room.
1-3 – Palace of Boletaria, third section: In the side area after the start of the third level section, after the guards have opened the side path (ninjas and boulders on the stairs). As soon as you climb the small ladder, you will find a locked door. Break the box there to collect the ceramic coin.
1-3 – Palace of Boletaria, third section: A Primeval Demon spawns in the courtyard where you can see the fog gate to the boss. Take the upper path and break a box in the corner where the crows are flying away.
2-2 – Stone trap catacomb, second section: At the bottom of the lava hole with all the bugs. Break rubble on one of the islands to collect the coin.
3-1 – Tower of Latria, first section: In a small cell with a torture chair near the ball-like opponent made of bodies shooting at the player. Break the chair and take the coin.
4-1 – Shrine of Storms, first section: In the cell of tomb robber Blige. Break a box in the corner.

Ceramic Coins – Pure Black World Tendency (Weltentendenz Pur Schwarz)

You collect ceramic coins in pure black world trend in Demon's Souls Remake in the following levels.

1-2 – Palace of Boletaria, second section: On the upper floor at the fog gate to the Tower Knight you take the stairs up. Destroy the table by the winch that holds the drawbridge.
2-1 – Stone trap catacomb, first section: In the open area of ​​the lava lizards, after you have been attacked by dogs, take the wooden walkway down and break the wooden boxes near the melting pot.
3-1 – Tower of Latria, first section: Stairs on the path behind the ballista towards the tower that lines the path to the boss idol. At the foot of the stairs in the courtyard at the dead end by the bars you will find boxes that you destroy.
4-2 – Shrine of Storms, second section: At the bottom of the abyss that Patches pushes you into. Destroy the boxes in the corner by the extremities.
5-2 – Valley of Desecration, second section: In the area in front of the fog gate to the dirt colossus you destroy boxes to collect the ceramic coin.

More coins are certainly hidden in the worlds of Demon's Souls Remake for PS5. As soon as we find out more locations, we will provide this article with an update. If you can find more ceramic coins, tell us the locations in the comment area. You need loud Demon's Souls Wiki on 26 ceramic coins to get the lost key for the secret door in the palace of Boletaria, third section. To get the corresponding number of coins, you have to play through it several times. By the way, behind the secret door you will find them Armor of the penetrator.

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