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The Demon's Souls remake for the PS5 should stick very closely to the original, but it will probably not be a 1: 1 implementation. Because the developers build in content that was cut from the version for the PS3.

The Demon's Souls Remake appears just in time for the launch of the PS5. The game has already reached gold status, according to an insider on September 24th.

Insider Lance McDonald stated that he had the opportunity to watch the game, at least in part. He is very happy with what he was allowed to see and what the developers told him. According to him, we will see some differences to the original, which was released for the PS3 in 2009. Because the development team took some content that was cut back then and put it back into the game. He demonstrates this with the help of a colorful glass window showing two old men. This was not included in the original, but appears in the remake.

How far this edited content goes is not clear. Maybe it's just small things like textures and objects. It is currently unclear whether there are new enemies and story content in the action RPG that did not exist before. But since it is said that the gaming experience should remain as true to the original as possible, it can be assumed that it is only a matter of minor details that have been reinserted. Even the file structure should be the same as Demon's Souls (buy now € 27.99 ) be from the year 2009.

So you don't have to worry that you will be presented with another game. So if you basically want what you already know from the PS3, just with drilled graphics, then you can expect that too – with minor changes. How that then plays on the Playstation 5, you will find out in the coming month.

Source: Resetera

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