On PlayStation Blog, Sony gave a first look at the revamped character editor for Demon's Souls. In the remake for PS5, players have significantly more options to design their character according to their own wishes. Up to 16 million variants are available to you when creating. Compared to the PS3 original, the creators have added tons of new settings that should make your character unique. In the asynchronous multiplayer of the title, you can then show your own character to other fans of Demon's Souls.

In addition to the character editor, players also get a preview of the remake's photo mode. Here, too, there will be numerous options with which you can take pictures from a wide variety of perspectives. Of course, filters and emotes will also be applicable to your character. You can find a picture from the photo mode below. According to the team, you can also apply all filters to the gameplay. Underneath there is also a filter that brings the look of the remake to the original from 2011.

First look at Demon's Souls Photo Mode for PS5.

First look at Demon's Souls Photo Mode for PS5.

Source: Sony

Demon's Souls will be released exclusively for PS5 on November 12, 2020. The console will be available in Europe a week later. You can find out which launch titles will still be available at the start of the PS5 in the video at the end of the message. Just a few days ago, another one was added Gameplay video published by Demon's Souls.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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Demon's Souls: Cool video compares remake with original

Using a video, you can compare the original Demon's Souls with the new edition on PS5. The remake of Demon's Souls has reportedly already reached gold status. (1) "src =" https://www.gamesaktuell.de/screenshots/237x133/2020/09/Demons-Souls-1-buffed_b2teaser_169.jpgPS5PS3

Demon's Souls: Development of the remake supposedly already finished

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Demon's Souls: Remake uses cut content from the original

The Demon's Souls remake for the PS5 should stick very closely to the original, but it will probably not be a 1: 1 implementation.