In Demon's Souls Remake for PS5, the world tendency for the five worlds of the wedge stones and the character tendency also play a major role. Although the developers at Bluepoint Games promised to make both features more beginner-friendly, as in the PS3 original of the Dark Souls predecessor, many questions remain unanswered. We provide you with tips on the World Tendency and the Character Tendency and explain how you influence them. The influence of the server median on world trends should also be taken into account. in the Interview with Polygon explains Gavin Moore from Bluepoint Games: "Changing the level of the world trend for light and dark triggers a few events. When you play online, the actions of all players add up and affect tendencies, which makes the game more unpredictable."

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So if you want to proceed systematically with regard to the world trend, you should at least play offline for the part of the Pure White World Tendency. The influence of the Demon's Souls servers is thus excluded and you comfortably handle all events for possible PS5 trophies. Only then should you tackle Pure Black events, as you can reach the dark extreme more easily. Incidentally, the five worlds of the wedge stones do not influence each other. For example, if you kill an invader in the tower of Latria, the world trend only changes there. The effects will only be activated once you return to the Nexus. So if you die in human form in a level, this only affects the world trend as soon as you actively return to the Nexus. On the other hand, if you die in human form in the nexus, this has no effect on the tendency of any world.

Effects of the World Tendency

The following is a list of the effects of the world trend shifts in the PS5 remake of Demon's Souls.

World trend effect
white / pure white Opponents have less HP as well as attack power and defense
Defeated enemies drop less upgrade material
Defeated enemies drop more healing items
Attack power in soul form is increased, 10 percent for the white world trend, 20 percent for the pure white tendency. Attack power is also influenced by the corresponding character tendency.
Ceramic coins for the new secret door appear under boxes and barrels.
Certain events in the levels take place at Pure White Tendency.
black / pure black Opponents have more HP, attack power and defense
Defeated opponents give more souls
Defeated opponents drop more rare items
Black phantoms instead of normal enemies and NPCs spawn in certain areas. Black phantoms of normal opponents offer a 100 percent drop chance of their normal items.
Primeval demons appear at fixed positions in the levels.
Maximum HP of your character in soul form is reduced.
Certain events in the levels take place at Pure Black Tendency.
Ceramic coins appear under barrels and boxes.

Pure white world trend – this is how you shift the tendency

With the following actions you shift the world tendency of the corresponding wedge stones in the white direction.

  • Kill a boss in a world
  • Kill the red dragon in 1-2 (Palace of Boletaria)
  • Kill the blue dragon in 1-4 (Palace of Boletaria)
  • Kill black phantoms of the following NPCs during the pure black world trend: Executioner Miralda (Palace of Boletaria 1-1), Scirvir, The Wanderer (Stone Catching Catacomb 2-2), Lord Rydell (Tower of Latria 3-1), Satsuki (Shrine of Storms 4 -1), Selen Vinland (Valley of Desecration 5-2)
  • Kill a Primeval Demon (one per world per round)
  • Take down an invader

Caution: If you die in human form in a world, the tendency shifts in the black direction! A pure white world tendency is then difficult to achieve. It's best to return to the Nexus and let your character commit suicide. This prevents accidental death in one of the Keilstein worlds.

Pure black world trend – this is how you shift the tendency

The following actions shift the world trend in the corresponding wedge stones in the black direction.

  • To die in human form outside the nexus
  • Kill old King Doran
  • Take care of special NPCs in human form in a pure white world trend: Executioner Miralda (Palace of Boletaria 1-1), Scirvir, The Wanderer* (Stone trap catacomb 2-2), Blue Phantom Lord Rydell* (Tower of Latria 3-1), Satsuki (Shrine of Storms 4-1), Selen Vinland* (Valley of Desecration 5-2)

(*) If you kill one of the NPCs, your character tendency is also shifted in the black direction.

Also in the remake of Demon's Souls (buy now € 74.64 ) your character tendency is calculated based on your actions. This is a kind of karma system that gives you advantages and disadvantages. Just like the world trend, you influence the character trend between pure white and pure black. The white direction gives you more attack power, in the direction of black your HP bar in soul form sinks again. We list the effects that are caused by a certain character tendency in Demon's Souls. If you kill black phantoms from NPCs or Invaders, you move the character tendency in the white direction. If, on the other hand, you kill NPCs or traders or the host in a world that you invaded, you shift the tendency in the black direction.

Effects of character tendency

The following effects have a certain character tendency in Demon's Souls.

Character tendency effect
Pure white Talk to the mighty (Monumental) in the Nexus and he'll give you the Friend's Ring
Attack power in soul form increased (10 percent for white, 20 percent for pure white / adds to the influence of the world trend)
Attack power increased as a blue phantom in another world.
black Maximum HP in soul form reduced to 47.5 percent.
Pure black Maximum HP in soul form reduced to 45 percent.
NPC Mephistopheles appears on the second floor of the Nexus after you have freed and killed Yurt in the tower of Latria 3-2. You can get assassin quests from the Damer.
Attack power when invading as Black Phantom is increased.

No The following actions affect the character tendency:

  • F.inal action that leads to the death of an NPC, blue phantom or black phantom: Soulsucker, Poison Cloud, Death Cloud or environment skill through fall damage, fire, poison or plague. Warning: world trend effects are still triggered by NPC deaths.
  • Death of the following NPCs: Executioner Miralda in (Palace of Boletaria 1-1) with pure white tendency, Old King Doran (Palace of Boletaria 1-1), Ostrava, Black Phantom (Palace of Boletaria 1-4), Yurt, the Silent Chief (Tower of Latria 3-2), Satsuki at Pur White Tendency (Shrine of Storms 4-1), Garl Vinland (Valley of Desecration 5-3), Garl Vinland as a black phantom with a pure white tendency (Valley of Desecration 5-3)
  • Death of the following Black Phantom NPCs: two phantoms in the lizard cave of the stone trap catacomb in 2-2, three phantoms after the penetrator boss fight in the palace of Boletaria 1-4

Effects of character tendency on special weapons

The character tendency also affects the special weapons Soulbrandt, Demonbrandt and Northern Regalia. You use the Demonbrandt weapon if the tendency is white for bonus damage, Soulbrandt if the tendency is black. If you combine both Brandt swords, you get Northern Regalia, which promises bonus damage for every extreme tendency. The following overview from the old Demon's Souls Wiki shows you guidelines.

weapon Pure black Neutral Pure white
Demonbrandt Phy: -130, Mag: -110 0 Phy: +130, Mag: +110
Soulbrandt Phy: +120, Mag: +130 0 Phy: -120, Mag: -130
Northern Regalia Phy: +135, Mag: +135 0 Phy: +135, Mag: +135

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