Demos for Desperados 3, System Shock Remake and Destroy All Humans!

from Andreas Bertits
Exciting demos have been released via GOG as part of the summer sales. Do you want Desperados 3, the System Shock Remake and the Destroy All Humans remake! look at? Then you can download the trial versions now.

You may be interested in the upcoming games Desperados 3, the System Shock Remake and the remake of Destroy All Humans! Then you can try it out, because demos of the three titles have been released via GOG.

Three exciting demos

Desperados 3 (buy now for € 109.99) put yourself in the role of John Cooper, who is on a bounty hunting mission in tactical missions with his companions like the legendary Doc McCoy. The story is a prequel to Desperados 1. The demo allows you to play two missions: You get to deal with a lot of bandits that you have to strategically eliminate according to the typical Desperados style. It is also important to stop a robbery on a train. In addition, you get an insight into the third mission, in which the Trapper Hector joins you in a city full of criminals. The season of the Demo of Desperados 3 is around 90 to 120 minutes.

In the Demo for System shock remake you will experience the beginning of the story. As a hacker, you wake up on the Citadel Station. The SHODAN supercomputer took control there. You are supposed to prevent a catastrophe and you are dealing with crazy robots and strange mutants. However, the alpha demo does not yet represent the final game. Up until the still unknown release, a lot can change in the action adventure, even if the demo already gives you a pretty good insight into the adventure.

With the Demo of the remake of Destroy all humans! you get a first taste of the funny alien game. You can jet around with your jetpack and prepare the Zap-O-Matic and thus give people an electric shock. You also use psychokinesis to grab people, cows and more and hurl them at your opponents. Also use your UFO's death ray to destroy people's primitive dwellings. The new Abducto challenge is also available. In this you feed the abduction beam to help the furon species to study life on earth. The demo has a playing time of around 20 to 30 minutes.

You can download the demos for free from GOG.

Source: PCGamer

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