A Twitter user recently noticed that Nintendo apparently copied the design of an object from a fan project for the new theme world "Super Nintendo World" at Universal Studios Japan. It is a cactus from "Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii" – a mod of the Jump & Run title released in 2009.

A small development team is currently working on a remastered version of the fan project. This team also includes Twitter user @ Meatball132, who drew attention to the cactus copy. He suspects that maybe that Google image search is responsible for the incident. If you search for "New Super Mario Bros. Wii Cactus" in the search engine, several images from the desert level of the mod appear. A comparison between the fan project and the theme world can be found below.

Incidentally, it should not be the first time that Nintendo has resorted to the design of a fan in connection with the theme park. A fan model of Super Mario is said to have been copied for the theme world website as early as January. At least that's what the artist said on his Twitter account, where he compared his original with the picture on the website.

Due to the pandemic, the opening date in February 2021 has also been postponed indefinitely. In the last few days, however, the first visitors had the opportunity to take a look at the topic world. Some videos have also appeared on the Internet.

via GameSpot

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