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Cory Barlog, designer of the PS4 game God of War, would love to see hero Kratos in a Netflix series. However, he does not want it to become a rumor that such a series would already be in the works.

Cory Barlog is the designer of the action RPG God of War known from 2018. He was asked what games he thought would be suitable as material for a new The Witcher-style Netflix series. Then of course he replied with "God of War".

God of War as a Netflix series

However, Barlog immediately stated that one should not misunderstand this. There is no such series in the works. It was just his personal opinion. He believes that some games are ideal for being filmed as a series. This is because he spends so much time with each character, building a relationship with them, and learning more about them. As is the case in many series.

Of course, the community is already speculating diligently and imagining which actors would come into question for the roles. Jason Momoa (Aquaman) has already been proposed for Kratos. Who knows, maybe Netflix will need new material for a cool series. God of War would offer itself.

Source: Twitter

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