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When will the real-time tactical game Desperados 3 be released? In the meantime, the release time window is at least limited. As THQ Nordic has announced, it will be published on the PC and consoles this summer. There is also a new trailer to watch.

The publisher THQ Nordic had announced some time ago that the real-time tactical game Desperados 3 would not be released before the next financial year – not before April 1, 2020. However, there was no specific date – until now. Because recently the team spoke up again and at least narrowed the time window for the publication somewhat.

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As can be seen from a current press release from THQ Nordic, Desperados 3 (buy now for 44.73 €) will appear in summer 2020 for both the PC and consoles. The publisher wants to announce a specific release date over the next few weeks or months. In order to at least dispel the rest of the waiting time, there is at least a new trailer available, which you can find directly below this message. The video introduces you to the character Doc McCoy, who is not only familiar with the use of medicine and syringes, but also with his specially designed Colt. This allows him to knock out his opponents unerringly from a distance.

Source: press release

Desperados 3: Trailer introduces the tricky Doc McCoy

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Date and registration for the closed beta of Desperados 3

If you want to take a look at the gameplay of Desperados 3 before the release, you will soon be given the opportunity to do so.

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