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Konami has denied the rumors about new games in the horror series Silent Hill and yet new ones are emerging. An insider insists that at least one reboot of the series is in the works as a system seller for the PS5.

The situation around the horror game series Silent Hill is very confused. There were rumors that a reboot of the series and possibly a "revival" of Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills are in the works. But Konami denied this. Now there were new rumors.

A confused situation

An alleged insider says stiffly and firmly that at least the Silent Hill reboot is definitely in the works. This should be done together with Sony and developed as a system seller of the PS5. It will be an exclusive PS5 game. Konami does not develop the game itself, it should be created by Sony Japan Studio. This could also explain why Konami has denied the rumors so far. Because if the company is not involved in the development itself, then Konami basically does not create a new silent hill game. Konami supposedly provides Sony with the license and of course gets some money for it.

The situation surrounding a new edition of Silent Hill remains confused.

Source: Resetera

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