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On July 21st, the MMORPG oldie Star Wars: The Old Republic was released on Steam. And what can we say … the start of the Free2Play MMO has been more than successful! Despite only ten days remaining in July, SWTOR was able to climb into the top 5 of the most played Free2Play novelties on Steam.

Star Wars: The Old Republic may have been around for almost nine years, but the bioware MMORPG only recently celebrated (on July 21st, to be precise) Release on Valve's distribution platform Steam. And how successful was the Steam premiere for SWTOR? Well, that reveals one Post from Steam managers on the top news in July 2020.

On the one hand we see in the post a list of the 20 most popular "top sellers of July measured by sales from the first two weeks after publication" – and lo and behold: Star Wars: The Old Republic appears here. On the other hand, there is also a top 5 of the most successful free Steam innovations, based on the total number of clear players in July. And although SWTOR (buy now) only had ten days available in that same month, she made it to the top of the ranks of the five most played Free2Play innovations in July.

It goes without saying that those responsible at Bioware were also pleased about this entry:

According to Steam charts Incidentally, the peak of SWTOR fans playing at the same time in July was 27,416 players. In August this value could no longer be fully achieved (top value of the last 30 days: 21,283). At the time of this writing, almost 8,000 gamers are online on Steam in SWTOR. Of course, that doesn't even come close to competing with the most popular games on Steam. The shooter oldie Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently being played by almost 800,000 players. Dota 2 has almost 500,000 players. But a GTA V or a Warframe also have ten times as many players.

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