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With update for Destiny 2, the developers of the MMO shooter accidentally activated a functionality that will officially only come to the Destiny 2 servers in autumn 2021: cross-platform crossplay. The community is split over what to think of the upcoming feature.

Officially, there will be crossplay in Destiny 2 from autumn 2021. This means that you can then play together with your friends across platforms, regardless of whether you are sitting at the Playstation and she is at the Xbox or the PC. Crossplay is currently only possible in the universe of the corresponding consoles: PS4 owners can gamble together with PS5 players, and Xbox One people with those who are playing on an Xbox Series X or S. But there is no real crossplay yet … right?

Accidentally activated crossplay

Update, which was played on the servers on May 11, 2021 at the beginning of the 14th season of Destiny 2, apparently accidentally contained the code for crossplay. Destiny 2 community manager Cozmo at least tweeted that reports from some players are about sneak previews of crossplay for them. “This is not yet intended to be used live and is not representative of the full experience,” writes Cozmo.

The crossplay code is to be removed with a patch, but as long as it is still in the game, players can continue to try out the new experience.

Mixed Feelings der Community

The fans of Destiny 2 (buy now 11,90 € ) have mixed feelings about Cozmo’s tweet. Some are happy that they will soon be able to play with all members of their clan. Others, on the other hand, fear that they will be at a disadvantage, especially in the competitive area, because PC gamers would have it easier to cheat. Some players would like to be able to stay among console players and at least exclude PC Guardians in PvP.

Destiny 2: S14 of the MMO shooter is the season of the splicer!

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