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In the past few days and weeks, Berlin has been very colorful, because several house walls in Berlin districts were "painted" by sprayers as lively advertising spaces. We're talking about two murals that were created for the release of Destiny 2: Beyond the Light and Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War – and reveal their true size, especially at night.

For years, game and film manufacturers have been looking for ways and means to present their products in the most breathtaking way possible. Let us remember, for example, a New York taxi, in whose roof the monstrous orc ax of Grommash Hellscream smashed into the roof at the start of WoW: Warlords of Draenor, and which was effectively staged in New York's Times Square. Or other wall paintings. The wall painting 2.0 is apparently just being discovered by the games industry, because two of them have appeared in Berlin in the last few days and amaze the audience, especially on dark November nights.

There is, for example, the urban art project of the trio Die Dixons, committed by Bungie, to celebrate the release of Destiny 2 (buy now € 10.95 ): Beyond the light. This can be found in Berlin Wedding at the train station at Müllerstraße 167 and shows the Stranger Exo in the icy expanses of Jupiter's moon Europa. When the sun goes down, a cool light show starts that highlights the most diverse elements of the mural and makes it seem really alive. You can watch it in the video. At the same time, the developers at Bungie have started a social media competition that will run until November 28, 2020 and encourage Destiny 2 players to stay at home – and gamble – in view of the rampant pandemic. More about the #GuardiansStayHome campaign, where chic prizes can also be won, can be found at Gleam.

Destiny 2: Living Beyond Light Mural

There is another mural from the people of Xi-Design in Hermannstrasse in Berlin, which celebrated the release of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. This also comes into its own, especially at night. For the effects, you can look at the post that the Playstation account shared on Facebook.

How do you like the moving images? Isn't it cooler than a dirty poster, isn't it?

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