Destiny 2: How World First Race Support Works, Blizzard!

from Susanne Braun
When it comes to Bungie's support for the Destiny 2 players who are plunging into the race for the World First Kill to open a new raid, then the developers at WoW should take a break from it. When the race for the first kills in the deep stone crypt of Destiny 2: Beyond Light starts on November 21, 2020 from 7:00 p.m., then the hardcore fans will be there – also thanks to the promotion work of Bungies employees.

There's a race coming up. The Race for World First Kills! No, we're not talking about World Firsts in the upcoming new WoW raid Nathria; the race for mythical firstkills in the Shadowlands will not start until December 16, 2020 and will probably accompany us through the Christmas season. The World First Races in Destiny 2 are usually much faster – it rarely takes more than two days for the first raid group to defeat the final boss of a raid.

The raid requirements in the MMO shooter are of course very different than in an online role-playing game. In Destiny 2 (buy now € 10.95 ) If only six Guardians are allowed to take part in a raid and one of the six heroes is killed in a fight, then this usually means Game Over and starting over. There are also puzzles that have to be solved, leaps that want to be survived, and before the start of a raid, hardly any player really knows what mechanics and tactics are waiting for them. A World First Race in Destiny 2 is a blind flight into absolute chaos, in which every single step can end fatally for the entire crew. And that is what makes the most difficult content of Bungie's loot shooter so attractive: the unpredictability and the absolutely crisp level of difficulty. By the way … a harder mode will be unlocked later …

Be that as it may: What the makers of Destiny 2 have absolutely mastered is promoting the World First Race in an absolutely befitting manner. On November 21, 2020 at 7:00 p.m., the deep stone crypt in Destiny 2: Beyond the Light opens its doors and the people at Bungie have published a trailer to match.

Destiny 2: Trailer for the World First Race in the deep stone crypt

Although it doesn't reveal much about the raid itself, it allows all the more to share in the enthusiasm of the players for the supreme discipline of Destiny 2. Wouldn't it be something for the boys and girls at Blizzard to support and promote the World First guilds, right?

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