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What can you expect in Destiny 2 in the near future? There will be an answer soon. The developer studio Bungie will start talking about both season 12 and year 4 of the online shooter in just under two weeks. Then there are certainly first tangible details.

Currently season 11 continues in the online shooter Destiny 2, which is also under the name "Season of the Worthy" is known. It should end on June 9, 2020. But what can players expect in the period afterwards? So far, there is no concrete answer to this, but this should change very soon.

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As the responsible developer studio Bungie announced in a weekly statement on the official website, the team wants to start in about two weeks about the near future of Destiny 2 (buy now for 14.48 €) to speak. In all likelihood, the first tangible information should be expected in twelve days. Then there are certainly first details for Season 12 and Year 4 of the online shooter, for which the developers have some plans in hand. Only recently there was a leak that was said to be a major update in the fall of this year. It is quite possible that the first information will soon be available.

It is a fact, however, that due to the current corona pandemic, the big unveiling of the new content for Destiny 2 will not take place as part of an event or a convention, but rather in the form of a live stream or a similar digital event. As soon as there is news to report, you will of course find it immediately in our news section. The Destiny fans of you should keep your eyes open for the next two weeks.

Source: official website of Bungie

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