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The Season of the Lost is the prologue for the new Destiny 2 expansion The Witch Queen and will last until its release on February 22nd, 2022. Return to the Dreaming City and help Mara Sov to put Savathûn in her place. We’ll tell you what to expect from the Season of the Lost.

The season of the lost has begun and accompanies the Guardians of Destiny 2 until the release of The Witch Queen on February 22nd, 2022. After Osiris fueled Lakshmi’s revolt against the Eliksni and thus granted the Vex access to the Last City, he has disappeared. Now, at the start of season 15, we are receiving a signal from the Dreaming City, namely one from Osiris. Together with Crow and Saint 14, the former wants to help his friend, the latter wants to bring Osiris to his just punishment, you make your way to the asteroid belt and unexpectedly meet Mara Sov, Queen of the Awakened.

And, even worse, it seems, on Savathûn, who wants to get rid of her worm god. She admits that she took the form of Osiris and forged her schemes in the Last City. We’re supposed to help her get rid of the worm. As a thank you we get the real Osiris back. Well, if that goes well … Mara wants to find her Techeuns again and we support her in this so that she may have a suitable answer to Savathûn at the end of the season.

The contents of the Season of the Lost

The season of the lost lasts until February 22, 2022 and you will experience the story prologue to The Witch Queen. Xivu Arath hunts her sister Savathûn and on top of that gathers her forces in the shadow of the Black Fleet. In order to counter the dangers emanating from Xivu Arath and Savathûn, as a holder of the season pass from Mara Sov you will receive the pathfinder compass, a new relic, as well as the exotic linear fusion rifle Lorentz drive and universal ornaments.

Nonetheless, those who do not have the season pass can also look for answers to Mara Sov’s questions and her techeuns in the new 6-player Astral Alignment activity and in the weekly mission Shattered Realm. You can also look forward to the new exotic weapon (including the quest) Agers Scepter, which can open up new paths for you in the Shattered Realm, as well as other exotic items. These include the radiant dance machines for the hunter who can roll his boots out of the way more often, the Titan gloves No Plan B for more shotgun action and the Warlock gloves Handcuffs of Nothing with a void focus.

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