Since the release of Beyond the Light, raids in Destiny 2 are not only interesting for the hardcore raid gamers who go through the supreme discipline of the MMO shooter week after week. No, with the introduction of the kiosk in the tower, which can be used to buy raid weapons that are otherwise no longer available in the game, the current raid deep stone crypt is also interesting for collectors. Because: In order to buy weapons such as anarchy, the shopping-mad guardians need conquest loot.

These are tokens that can be found in the still playable raids of Destiny 2 (buy now € 11.94 ) get hold of. So if you want to call an anarchy your own, an exotic grenade launcher that is still an absolute stunner in the current content, you have to find 240 conquest tokens in addition to a few other things such as ascendant fragments. If you run into the deep stone crypt week after week and give Tanik a treat, you can quickly collect the fragments on average. But if you don't want to play the raid completely, you can get at least a few of the fragments from the first loot box before the first real encounter. For this, however, a glitch has to be exploited. A glitch that the developers at Bungie tried to fix for the third time – again unsuccessfully.

What is the frostbite glitch?

In the first area of ​​the deep stone crypt, the players have to cross an icy snow landscape. The longer you stay in the blizzard, the more stacks of the Frostbite debuff you collect. If the counter reaches ten charges, the character dies immediately. The "right" tactic to avoid this is simple: The Guardians drive the Sparrow from one heat dome to the next and kill the opponents in it. When staying in the heat dome, the frostbite debuff is removed again. Then you head for the next dome.

The debuff could be canceled with a glitch, so that the keepers could take their time on their way to the exit from the area (and when collecting the first loot box). At first it was possible to drive a Sparrow a little way out of the heat dome. If you got off the Sparrow and then quickly out of the heat dome back onto the means of transport, you were immune to the frostbite. So it was relatively easy to grab the first box of loot even as a solo player. A few weeks after the Deep Stone Crypt was released, the developers at Bungie removed this glitch from the game.

round 2

But the Destiny 2 players, who take finding glitches as a challenge and view it as a matter of honor, quickly found a workaround. If you then climbed onto your Sparrow from the entrance door to the snow plain, before the first heat dome, the frostbite debuff was undone again. Cool, even if that glitch demanded more of the Guardians; especially good timing.

Act 3

This glitch has also been removed from the game with Update 3.1.1. But Destiny 2 players wouldn't be Destiny 2 if they hadn't found a new way to bypass Frostbite an hour after the patch. Among others, Destiny 2 players Cheese Forever record the new method, which includes leaving the actual map, in the video.

The amusing thing is that the developers at Bungie take an enormous amount of time on the one hand to patch away these glitches, so that one could say that nobody should really care anymore if the glitch just stays in there. Sure, crossing the snow plain is actually an encounter in itself. However, enough Guardians have already used the glitches in four months.

The other thing is: is it just about making the first loot box inaccessible for soloists or movement Günther? Because the loot mechanics of the bonus boxes in the deep stone crypt provides for the following: Armor or weapons will not drop from the box unless guardians have looted an armor item from a boss at least once – only tokens and mods. And no top-of-the-line armor will drop out of the box. Then why not give the soloist this little goodie? We are excited to see when the developers at Bungie will put the next patch on the frostbite glitch. Among other things, reported the Authors of Gamerant about the new glitch.

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Destiny 2: Trailer for the World First Race in the deep stone crypt

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