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The keeper games start in the loot shooter Destiny 2. With the competitions you can ensure that your class is honored as the best. To do this, you have to face daily challenges.

Which is the best class in the loot shooter Destiny 2? To find out, you can join the new event starting today, April 21 "Guardian Games" participate.

Help your class win!

You have three weeks in Destiny 2 (buy now for € 9.95) face daily challenges and earn points. If you manage to help your class win, the tower will be decorated with a permanent memory of it for a year.

Main features of the Guardian games:

  • Risky class competition
  • New daily class challenges
  • New Exotic "Inheritance Appearance"
  • New metal class items

If you want to take part in the Guardian games, then meet in Destiny 2 with Eva Levante and Zavala in the tower, who inform you about the daily challenges. As a reward, besides the honor for the class, there are also metal class objects and exotic items. The Guardian games are part of the Season of the worthy.

Then start at 7 p.m. and ensure that your class in Destiny 2 is honored as the best in the tower.

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