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On February 9, 2021, Destiny 2's Season of the Hunt will end and that means that some of the content available to the game on a daily or weekly basis will be removed. This is especially true for Krähe, who appears to be leading a confusing double life in Destiny 2's 13th season. In return, however, you will retain a lot, including the Wrathborn hunts and the falcon moon quest and the associated omen activity.

So that Destiny 2 players have the opportunity to follow the full story and take part in some of the popular activities from the previous season after the official end of a season, the developers of Bungie have decided to release some content after the end of the season 12 to be retained. This officially ends on February 9, 2021, removing the season 12 artifact and the contents of the season 12 season pass. The messages from the field that you could hear in Zavala's office in the tower, as well as the forays of the crow, will also disappear.

The game designers announce that Krähe will behave a bit strangely in season 13 anyway: "In order to retain more content after the end of the season, these changes resulted in some oddities for the season of hunting, which was still designed for the old model This is why you can still find Crow in Spider's Lair, even though he was thrown out earlier in the season. In season 13, you may encounter even more anomalies in connection with Crow, as he will be in a new location as well as in the Tangled Bay to link the contents of the season of the hunt to his inventory. "

All other Season 12 activities will remain with you until the end of Year 4 of Destiny 2 (buy now € 8.95 ) received, including the Falkenmond quest series and the recently unlocked Omen activity for handguns. Here is a concrete overview of what remains and what is going on with season 13:

Season of the Hunt content through the end of Year 4 of Destiny 2

  • Story missions can be started from a node in the navigator.
  • Born of anger hunts
  • The "Revered" quest is still available.
  • Crow's merchant screen in Tangled Bay.
  • Exotic "Falcon Moon" quest and grandmaster activity.
  • Seasonal seal and guardian title.
  • The seasonal seal must still be earned within the deadline on the Bungie Rewards page. Due to an issue blocking Triumph, we are adjusting the deadline.

And these things disappear after the season ends:

  • Crow's forays
  • News from the field
  • Seasonal artifact
  • Season pass
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