Destiny 2: Umbral Engrams in Season 13

The die-hard fans of Destiny 2 are absolutely over the moon, because with season 13 the Umbral engrams will come back into play in 2021, which already caused a real rain of engrams in the popular lootshooter for the season of arrival in 2019. However, if you haven't stayed on the screen throughout Destiny 2, you may not have a clue what the Umbral engrams are all about. We bring light into the darkness (höhöhö, pun intended) and explain it to you.

Umbral engrams are kind of dirty looking legendary engrams; evil engrams, for example. You have to imagine the scary voice. Obtaining them is relatively easy. They can drop from any opponent, with a higher chance of receiving the engrams for completing the following activities:

  • Patrols
  • Strikes
  • Melting pot
  • gambit
  • The trial by fire
  • Public events
  • The blind spring
  • Nightmare hunts
  • Exo challenges
  • Empire hunts
  • New seasonal activity

The people at Bungie note that there will be less umbral engrams in 2021 than in the past, because the developers have corrected the drop rate down a bit. So getting the Umbral engrams is pretty easy. But what to do with it?

With season 13 you will receive a short series of quests that will explain the prism converter to you, through which you can focus the Umbral engrams. Note for Destiny fans who love twinking: You only need to complete this quest once per account. So if you throw an umbral engram into the prism converter, then the potential loottable of the engram is reduced. In other words: you want to farm a very specific piece of armor or a weapon? Then the converter increases the chance that the item you are looking for (if it is available in the reduced lot table) will be deciphered from the focused Umbral engram.

Since these engrams will be available beyond the 13th season, the Prima Transformer offers you the opportunity to even focus the engrams on a specific season. However, the rewards of the Wrathborn hunts are not included because they can still be farmed with a bait. In order to be able to use certain focusing options on the converter, you have to use a prism lens, which in turn allows you to target a more targeted collection of equipment or certain armor values. These prism lenses are a new currency and the developers at Bungie don't reveal much about them yet: "You can earn prism lenses through various activities in the game. You can see your progress in unlocking lenses in the prism converter."

In the past, it was possible to upgrade the prism converter so that you get free or cheaper focusing every week – it's hard to assume that the developers won't change the process. This means that the prism converter offers you forays, through which you get the resources needed for the ranks. If you want to have your focused Umbral engram decrypted, you go to the Umbral decoder and hold your new item in your hand. Finished!

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