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Dataminer have discovered new Battle League details in Pokémon GO game files. The new PvP league is scheduled to launch in spring 2020 and will likely make some interesting changes to the PvP system.

If in spring 2020 the new fight league in Pokémon GO, fans can look forward to a lot of exciting innovations. Even though Niantic has so far provided little information about the new PvP system, the Dataminer from TheSilphRoad already discover many interesting details about the fight league in the code of the game.

General details of the fight league

The Combat League appears to come into play with the following general adjustments:

  • own seasons (more on this below)
  • a new "GO Battle Hub" menu that provides you with statistics, rankings, season information, the charging status of the VS-Seeker (more on this below) and buttons for starting a fight
  • a tutorial that explains the "GO Battle Hub"

The Saions of the Combat League

What differentiates the Combat League from the other PvP leagues in Pokémon GO are the seasons:

  • Seasons are measured in days and hours, so they don't take too long.
  • Players only receive rewards at the end of each season. However, it remains unclear whether there will only be seasonal rewards or rewards for individual battles.
  • Players get a separate rank and rating at the end of each season.
  • Apparently there will be some kind of report at the end of each season that records a player's individual performance.
  • Players must reset their rank and rating at the end of a season when accepting the report.

The Combat League statistics

The Battle League Statistics menu stores the following information:

  • Number of fights
  • Number of friends that players have fought with
  • earned stardust
  • longest winning streak
  • current winning streak
  • Number of victories

The Battles of the Combat League

The Dataminer could also find out some details about the actual battles of the league:

  • There are free and paid fights with different rewards.
  • When players join a fight, they can choose a reward tier (probably free or paid).
  • There are combat sets (probably best-of-3) and the number of victories appears in the diary.
  • There is a limit to fights per day (regardless of the reward tier choice), but the limit remains unclear.

Niantic is also likely to introduce some innovations to the Pokémon teams that players can use in the Combat League:

  • There are some restrictions on the use of certain teams.
  • Individual Pokémon can only take part in battles if a player has reached a certain rank.
  • Players must use unique Pokémon on their team (i.e., no two Pokémon of the same type).

VS Seeker and Premium Passes

Players have the option to participate in fights via the VS Seeker or a Premium Pass:

  • Players can charge their VS Seeker to start battles.
  • Pokémon GO tells you when the VS Seeker is charged, how many fights you can still start with the VS Seeker, and how many free fights you can complete before you need to top up your VS Seeker or buy a Battle Pass.
  • Players apparently have the option of charging the VS Seeker directly for money.
  • Premium Combat Passes correspond to the Raid Passes, you can use them for both Raids and the Combat League.

We now want to know from you: What do you think of the Combat League based on the information above? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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