On this page you will find the basic information about the devastation demon hunter. In this guide we explain the strengths and weaknesses of the gameplay and compare the performance of the devastation demon hunter in raids, arenas and in solo play with the performance of other classes.

On this page you will find basic information about the devastation demon hunter. In this guide, we explain the strengths and weaknesses of the gameplay and compare the performance of the devastation demon hunter in raids, arenas and in solo play with the performance of other melee classes. On the following pages you will also find a short beginner's guide for full-time vengeful demon hunters who just want to try out the devastation style of play. We also explain in detail the abilities and talents of the devastator and give you solid information on how to play to get the most out of the devastation demon hunter in raids and mythic dungeons.

The Devastation Demon Hunter Tank Guide is on the Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.3 booth.

Using this table of contents, you can quickly and easily find the area of ​​the guide to the devastation hunter you are looking for.

What is a Devastation Demon Hunter?
The demon hunter is specified as a hero class, just like the death knight in his day. And similar to its undead predecessor, the demon hunter starts, not like regular classes at level 1, but already at level 98. The devastation demon hunter is a highly mobile melee who wears leather armor and attacks his enemies with two sharp glaives. In battle, he sets his opponents on fire with devil magic and regularly even turns himself into a fearsome demon. The linchpin of the devastation style of play is generating anger, a resource that makes it particularly powerful attacks. In addition to a diverse talent tree and numerous offensive cooldowns, the devastating demon hunter also has several useful defensive and control skills with which he can support his fellow combatants.

Desolation in BfA

Blizzard made some adjustments to the devastation style of play in Battle for Azeroth. When changes were made, class designers focused primarily on the devastator's talent tree. And the result is quite impressive! The talent matrix and the gameplay have become much more varied. The developers revised and arranged the talents so that they complement each other. This resulted in several talent combinations, which make the Glevenschwing a flexible melee who can even perform particularly difficult tasks in combat without any problems. The "new" demolisher still demands a lot of attention and skill from the player. Managing anger and cooldowns as well as high mobility remain a real challenge in BfA. Usually the often chaotic game with the resource cannot be controlled in a targeted manner. In addition, the devastator style of play is heavily dependent on global cooldowns.

Most important changes
Battle for Azeroth has made only minor changes to the devastation demon hunter. The developers have only made a few adjustments to the talent tree of the game style. Many talents have been moved to another location or changed slightly and some exchanged for former artifact perks.

Most important changes in patch 8.3

WoW: So strong is the devastation demon hunter in Patch 8.3
The devastator generally has some strengths that make him a valuable group member in Patch 8.3. High burst damage in the fight against an opponent, outstandingly good mobility, easy target changes without loss of damage and versatile offensive and defensive cooldowns are just a few examples.

The latest adjustments on Chaosbrandmal especially benefit the devastator's surface damage. The mark is now triggered by all attacks, which takes the tiresome random component out of the game. The brand new heart forge also enormously enhances the devastating way of playing. Many effects of the essences perfectly complement the numerous special abilities and talents of the devastator. Thanks to its versatile cooldowns, the demon hunter can currently shine in the Eternal Palace.

As a DpS sprinter you will be in the big wide world of World of Warcraft (buy now for € 19.99) no opponent cause big problems. Thanks to high single target and area damage, even large groups of opponents and elite opponents fall over in no time. In an emergency, you can use cool-downs to help you survive even fatal blows.

Thanks to numerous cooldowns with short cooldowns and high burst damage, the demolishers are made for Mythic Plus dungeons, where they can play their strengths against individual bosses as well as against entire hordes of opponents.

In raids, the desolators belong thanks Chaosbrandmal currently the strongest melee. With cooldowns like Netherwandeln and Darkness the devastation demon hunter can also support his teammates in many dangerous situations or take on special tasks (intercepting fatal attacks, for example).

Desolation demon hunters are extremely popular as masters of burst damage, especially in the arenas. On the battlefield, on the other hand, you will rarely encounter a demolisher.

About our author
This guide was written by Tanja "Atheanel" Adov. Tanja has been playing the demon hunter with great enthusiasm since the start of the Legion Beta and since then, especially as a merciless avenger, has made various Mythic Plus dungeons and heroic raids unsafe.

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