Developer answers the question that all players ask themselves

With Among Us, Innersloth hit a real nerve last year – even though the game was originally released in 2018. In an official blog post, the developer is now answering a question that has long been on the minds of many gamers.

Among Us

“Why does it take so long?”: Among-Us developer speaks plain language

Among Us is clearly one of the trend games of the past year. Within a very short time, the little game from the developer Innersloth has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon that many players have fallen for.

Although the game was a huge success for, the scope of content is still quite limited – there is currently a lack of different maps in particular. There are just 3 different maps in the game at the moment, a fourth was unveiled during the Game Awards in early December. Almost a month has passed since then, but the new card has not yet been released. Many players ask themselves: "Why is it taking so long?"

The first game sections of the new Among Us map can already be seen in the reveal trailer:

The developers now have exactly this question in one official blog post addressed and clarified:

“Among Us got incredible traction pretty late in 2020 that we didn't expect. That meant a lot of changes for us. (…) We had to spend 2 months restructuring ourselves, finding new processes and getting external partners on board to help us with the administration. (…)

This is all work behind the scenes that keeps us from playing the game but making it easier for us to develop the game better in the future. Not to mention that additional platforms (like Nintendo Switch and Xbox) mean more support, certifications, and so on.

More than just developing: Among-Us-Team has many tasks

Meetings with external parties, restructuring measures, planning phases and porting – because the development team at Among Us according to the official website currently consists of just 3 people, it is no wonder that the development of the game is rather slow at the moment.

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However, hiring additional developers would not initially accelerate the process, as the new employees would have to be trained and the appropriate structures created. Finally, the Among Us development team would like to thank you in the blog entry for the patience of the players and their support.