After Among Us and Rust, Steam has a new bestseller: the survival game Valheim. But the fish-hatched trendsetter is struggling with a huge problem that poses a threat to all players. Now even the developer has issued an official warning.


Nasty Valheim bug: Game bug destroys your save game

The new Steam hit Valheim is on everyone's lips right now. The survival game with Viking flair is currently more popular than GTA 5 and Rust and is making it to first place on the bestseller list. However, the game is still in the early access phase. At the current stage of development, there are still errors and bugs on every corner.

A particularly nasty bug currently ensures, for example, that some players the saved status will be irretrievably deleted. Not only is the game world sent into digital nirvana, but your own player character also disappears forever through the bug.

Now the manager of the studio behind Valheim has spoken on Twitter. He acknowledges the existence of the bug and gives all players well-intentioned advice:

Valheim bug: developer advises to backup the memory

If you want to make sure that your own score is not destroyed by the occurrence of the bug, you should save your savegames in a separate folder. You can find the corresponding files under the following file path:

  • "C: Users 'Username' AppData LocalLow IronGate Valheim "

What is Valheim anyway? The game's trailer gives you a good first impression:

If you cannot find the "AppData" folder in your user folder, proceed as follows:

  • Press the button "View" in Windows Explorer.
  • Then click on "Options".
  • In the newly appearing window, switch to the "View" tab.
  • Scrolls to the entry "Hidden files and folders" and activate the option there "Show hidden files, folders and drives".
  • Then press the button "Take".

You can now close the options window and should then find the “AppData” folder in the user folder.

It is currently not known when exactly the bug will be fixed. However, it may still take a while, the developer also admits on Twitter. So far, the team has not been able to reproduce the error in a targeted manner.

But he still gives the player a tip: According to initial observations, the bug seems to appear primarily when the game is ended via ALT + F4. Whoever uses the corresponding buttons in the menu to close the game should be affected less often by the bug.