Developer shows funny notes about the creation of a raid boss

from Matthias Brückle
In WoW we keep asking ourselves: What did the developers actually think? Be it story moments, the look of armor or boss fights. A developer of WoW has published amusing notes on the latter.

Everyone in WoW has definitely experienced it: You fight a boss, internalize mechanics and at some point the question arises: What did the designers actually think? Either because you are really frustrated or because you just get curious. Kenneth Huang, a game designer responsible for boss fights, posted his notes on a raid boss on Twitter.

Cursed bear god Ursoc – that's what the developer thought

Huang has released his rough draft for the fight against the bear god in the Emerald Nightmare in Legion to emphasize how much can change between the first "paper design" and the finished version in the game.

One thing is clear: Huang is quite a prank cookie, because he has already used a lot of English word games in his notes. In addition to the "Right to BEAR Arms", "Almost UnBEARable" and "Breaking the Sound BEARier", there is also "GRIZZLY Damage" (grizzly is a term for "grayish" in addition to being used in Grizzly Bear in English).

In the notes we also see directly the thoughts that should lead to the activities of the players. For example, two groups should take turns to catch the bleeding from "Grizzly Damage". Or its roar is there to keep players moving.

Why isn't there such a thing more often?

In the thread of his Twitter post, Huang explains that he only shared these notes because they are reasonably short – in some cases, there are even 8,000-word documents. In addition, he does not believe in publishing such insights into bosses whose expansion is still ongoing – so maybe during Shadowlands there are insights into BfA bosses that Huang designed!

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