Game Director Todd Howard, Studio Director Angela Browder and Art Director Matt Carofano chat about the ambitions of Bethesda Game Studios, the passion and history that have made the studio what it is today – and where the journey with Starfield will lead .

Here is an excerpt from what the developers have to say:

“I think what people underestimate about video games is they think it’s just game time. But I always say that the only thing video games can give you that nothing else in the entertainment industry can do is feel Proud is – look what I did.

And even if we want to make a game that is very big and very long, that you can play all these years, it’s all the paths that you haven’t gone that make it special, that make you feel indicate that if you have completed this task, you have achieved something this week.

(…) There are a lot of people on our team who are interested in certain things like robotics or engineering, and they can use this lifelong knowledge they have accumulated in their work. Everyone comes from these different backgrounds and brings things to the game that can be important.

(…) While Skyrim is epic fantasy, Starfield is more of a grounded game of exploration. That allows a different approach to everything we do. This is the basis when you invent new areas, environments or characters. (…)

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