Developer video shows combat system and weapon development

of Thilo Bayer
Amazon Games has released a new developer diary for the MMO New World, which will be released in May. The developers there give a closer look at the combat system and weapon progression. In the current update to the game, it is emphasized that the vision for the game is to create a world in which PvP and PvE not only exist side by side, but also complement each other. With all changes in the alpha phase, always keep in mind the basic vision "to create an MMO with a seamless game world and a mix of guided gameplay and sandbox gameplay and PvP and PvE".

The developer writes in the latest update to New World:

On March 5th we released a major alpha update called "Factions at War" that introduced exciting new PvP experiences that are the heart of our game for us. Players now have more control over the actions that lead to wars between companies by completing missions that require PvP marking and not simply declaring war on Talers. This shifts control away from the leaders of the companies to the players and enables an exciting race between the factions on the way to war.

These new features bring us closer to our original vision of New World (buy now for € 39.99). For us, New World is about the following basic principles:

  • A vast, supernatural world that actively opposes players trying to conquer it.
  • Fights that require skill and skill and are tactical and deep in every way.
  • Progression systems that promote the players' power to act.
  • Interlocking game systems (making, collecting, fighting the corrupt, etc.) that allow all players to contribute to the group's success.
  • Territory capture and control systems that allow players to establish and run self-governing governments.

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