After a disastrous start, the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 are doing everything they can to make the game what it should be. PC gamers can be particularly happy because CD Projekt Red is giving them a gift that will pay off in the near future.

Cyberpunk 2077

Official modding tools for Cyberpunk 2077: Software hobbyists get developer tools

Bugs, graphic errors, plot stoppers, AI dropouts, low performance – Cyberpunk 2077 has had a really bumpy start. Despite multiple postponements, the role-playing game from CD Projekt Red fell short of the players' expectations.

But shortly after the start, modders took on the game on the PC. While some modifications improved the performance, other tweaks added new mini-maps, enabled playing in the third-person perspective or allowed the players to customize their character afterwards.

To make the work of the passionate modders easier, the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 have now released a mod kit, which gives you the following official developer tools:

  • Metadata: Required to use some tools.
  • ArchiveDump: A utility for listing the contents of game data archives.
  • TweakDump: A utility for listing the contents of game tweak DB binaries.
  • TweakDB IDs: A list of the IDs of tweak DB entries. Generated with TweakDump and tweakdb.str metadata.

We have summarized the most important information about Cyberpunk 2077 for you in the video:

Mods for Cyberpunk 2077: Official kit should help creators

After a while, CD Projekt Red also offered an official mod kit for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to help the modders. The developers also assure that they will continuously provide the tools with updates to ensure compatibility with future game versions.

Modders and PC gamers should be happy about this little “software gift”, but console gamers will get nothing this time. But maybe one day CD Projekt Red will also unlock mods for consoles. Games like Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim also got the function at some point.