from Dominik Zwingmann
Developer studios will have a new option if they sell their games in the MY.GAMES store in the future. As the publisher announced today, 90 percent of all sales will go directly to the developer if the purchase was made through a special tracking link. In general, the income is divided in a ratio of 70/30.

Publisher MY.GAMES today announced a new plan for their MY.GAMES store. All developer studios that offer their titles via the launcher of MY.GAMES in the future will have the option to split the earnings in a ratio of 90/10. Thus, 90 percent of the revenue would go to the developers and only 10 percent to the operators of the platform. According to publisher MY.GAMES, this applies to all purchases made via the developer studio's own advertising campaigns.

To do this, developers first have to create a tracking link, which can then be placed on Facebook, Twitter and other channels. If a game is bought via this link, 90% of the proceeds go to the studio. This should also provide more traffic in the store. Rodion Kotelnikov (Head of MY.GAMES Store) said in a statement:

"This year MY.GAMES is celebrating its one year anniversary as a brand. We want to celebrate a fantastic first year by sharing our success with our developers. We will increase the share of sales for all teams that are ready to play their games on our platform The metadata we provide them with will provide them with clear evidence of the traffic generated by their marketing strategies. "

Apart from the new option, the general participation in the turnover of a game is 70/30. The MY.GAMES store was presented for the first time in August of last year. The beta version was launched in December 2019. More than 150 titles are already on the platform.

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