The open beta of the action RPG Magic: Legends didn’t get off to a great start. Players complained not only about the performance and the far too long tutorial, but above all about the in-game shop. Because with this it was possible to buy a new character class via a kind of loot box. That went too far and there were Pay2Win allegations.

Magic: Legends is being redesigned

This criticism did not leave the developers at Cryptic Studios unaffected. They commented on this and announced that they would make adjustments. The chance of getting the Dimir Assassin’s class via a loot box was negligible, according to players. Now the class should become part of the Battle Pass. If you reach level 50 above that, the Dimir Assassin is automatically unlocked. So you don’t have to buy it anymore. Instead, you need the Battle Pass and just play until you get the class.

Magic: Legends – Trailer introduces content from the open beta phase

In addition, the team plans to make further optimizations. You have seen yourself that the hour-long tutorial simply takes too much time. Players jump during this because it just takes too long for them to finally get started and see what their heroes are capable of. Therefore, cuts are planned here. The network connection, which has been rather mediocre up to now, is also being worked on and the somewhat annoying collisions between the players are to be removed. The endgame is also designed to be more exciting, as this also had to take some criticism.

So Magic: Legends will change and hopefully improve based on player feedback.

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