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The Respawn Entertainment team will clarify an important question about the crossplay feature in Apex Legends. Accordingly, console players should not automatically end up in a lobby with representatives of the PC faction. Instead, it probably depends on the composition of the groups.

As announced some time ago, the developer studio Respawn Entertainment is currently working feverishly on a crossplay function for the battle royale shooter Apex Legends. According to current plans, this feature will appear later this year. However, some players already have their doubts about the feature. Among other things, they fear a disadvantage for console gamers if they have to compete against PC gamers. Simply because of the different input methods, console gamers see themselves as lagging behind in this regard. But it won't be that bad. At least that is the result of a statement by Respawn Entertainment's software engineer Jake Smullen at TikTok. Accordingly, the players do not automatically end up in an Apex Legends PC lobby.

"You can only get into a PC crossplay lobby if there is at least one PC player on your team."

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In this way, at least an automatic random assignment should be avoided, which would result in a probable disadvantage for the console gamers. However, there should probably be the possibility to release this automatic lock manually, so that you can still be assigned to PC opponents if desired.

More details about the crossplay feature of Apex Legends (buy now for 14.61 €) Respawn Entertainment has not yet revealed, but will do so over the next few weeks and months. Then the specific release date for the function will surely be known.

Source: TikTok

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