As in Dishonored, you slip into the role of an assassin in the new game from Arkane Studios. In Deathloop, however, you are stuck in a deadly time loop, which is naturally quite complicated.


In Deathloop, the new game from Arkane Studios, you are stuck on the island of Black Reef. Not only do all the islanders want to kill you, you are also trapped in a time warp. Depending on your age, you might find Bill Murray in on the topic "The marmot greets you every day" or Tom Cruise in "Edge of Tomorrow" one and also that Time warps are a rather complicated topic.

Deathloop will be released on May 21, 2021 exclusively for PS5 and PC and so that you don't feel completely lost in the most important feature of the game, Game Director Dinga Bakaba explains exactly how the "loop" works:

The Dishonored series is very popular with fans of stealth games. You can also find all three parts in the PS Store:

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How does deathloop work?

In Deathloop you go through a single day over and over again. When the loop is reset, all NPCs begin to live again and start their daily routines. Your goal is turn off eight peoplewho are nefarious killers themselves. As with Dishonored, how the target persons are switched off is up to you, the possibilities should again be diverse. Even if you only have one day left and there is a recognizable course of the day, you don't have to play against the clock.

You stand up large arsenal of weapons available, by Artifacts can be modified. There is also magical skillssome of which are very reminiscent of Dishonored. If the loop starts again, you can take weapons and skills with you.

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Multiplayer twist

In addition to the eight goals and loads of other opponents, there are still Juliana. She is also a professional killer and chase you across the island. The special: Another player can take on the role of Juliana in your game and make your life difficult.

With each loop you collect new information about the behavior of the targets in order to find a way to switch them off all within a loop. You can expect to find out for yourself how this special feature works from May 21, 2021. Deathloop will initially only be available for PS5 and PC, with further platforms to follow a year later.