Developers present the new properties

of Karsten Scholz

In the developers 'last livestream for The Elder Scrolls Online, systems designer Cullen Lee introduced the two new properties that will soon add to the housing role of the online role-playing game: Forgemaster Falls and Thieves' Oasis.

In February 2017, the housing feature of The Elder Scrolls Online with the homestead update its premiere and has enjoyed some popularity since then. The developers are expanding their offerings with new plots of land on which you can let off steam and display your achievements. The next increase will be shortly after Release of Update 25 and the DLC Harrowstorm give.

If you already want to get a first impression of the two new properties Forgemaster Falls and Thieves' Oasis, you can either do this on the public test server or thanks to the last developer livestream. Systems designer Cullen Lee introduced the houses in the last-mentioned stream (from minute 12:15):

First, the developer shows Forgemaster Falls, an orc mansion on the Wrothgar coast, with a dock for boats, a fully functioning smithy and two houses. And of course there is also the eponymous waterfall. Thieves' Oasis is located in Bangkorai, near the new Unholy Tomb dungeon, and acts like a trading post that was raised on the ruins of an ancient civilization – with multi-story houses, huge statues, sturdy walls and a small oasis in the center of the property ,

It is not yet clear when exactly the two plots will appear and how many crowns they will cost. How do you like the new housing houses? Let us know in the comments!

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