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Ghost of Tsushima will have an option for 60 FPS at the launch of the PS5. The PS5's Boost Mode is used here, which is used for backward compatibility. In addition, your saved data is easily transferred from the PS4. This week, fans can also look forward to the multiplayer mode for the samurai title.

The Sucker Punch team has announced that Ghost of Tsushima will use the PS5's Boost Mode. A real upgrade for the next-gen console will not be available for the time being, but the Samurai title will also offer some advantages with backward compatibility. Accordingly, players will find a new option for the launch of the PS5 in Ghost of Tsushima, which will enable up to 60 FPS.

In addition, fans should look forward to the loading times, which are significantly faster on the PS5. Sucker Punch did an impressive job with loading times on the PS4 version of Ghost of Tsushima. Thanks to the new SSD hard drive of the PS5, games will be loaded in seconds in the future.

The team also confirms that your save data can be easily transferred from the PS4 to the PS5. Recently, some developers have reported that the saved games of their titles cannot be transferred to the next-gen console. Examples include FIFA 21 or Yakuza: Like A Dragon. This problem will only occur with a few PS5 upgrades. In the case of backward compatibility, all PS4 saved data can also be used on the PS5. More than 99% of all PS4 titles will be compatible with Sony's next-gen console at launch.

Just last week, Sucker Punch also revealed the date for the Ghost of Tsushima multiplayer update. The content will be available as a free update on October 16. The PS5 will hit stores in Europe on November 19th.

Source: sucker Punch

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